Thank you note.

Thank you.

It’s two of the words everyone loves to hear but too often isn’t said.

Watching the tribute to the passing of President George HW Bush something was mentioned again and again. He made every person feel like they were his best friend. Not by being phony but rather by taking time to listen to them and often said “Thank you” by writing hand written Thank you notes.

Imagine the feeling you would have if the President sent you a personal Thank you note.

He was admired by many and at one time had a 94% approval rating, the highest of any President. From leaders of both the Democratic and Republican Party, along with many he encountered he was admired. Vice President Pence mentioned how in August of this year, George HW Bush penned a handwritten note to Pence’s son when he got his wings in the Navy.

You don’t have to be George HW Bush to start building your reputation. Today, you can get in the habit of looking for opportunities to notice the many things that happen everyday that are worth your handwritten Thank you note.

Once you start doing this, you’ll form a habit of appreciating those around you. You’ll actually train your brain to recognize the good in others.

The little bit of time it takes will pale compared to the reputation you build by doing these small acts of kindness.

By doing this, you’ll be creating some of the Thousand points of light that George HW Bush is also known for so eloquently saying.

Let me finish this thought with a “Thank you” to your for reading this message and I hope I can encourage you to start writing Thank you notes.