For a New Year's resolution this year, try offering a subscription plan.

A big New Year’s resolution is to loose weight. Your belly has been big and getting bigger for the last year. Thanksgiving dinners didn’t help either. The idea of having a resolution nears, loosing weight is a common resolution many people make.

New memberships at gyms are up with the biggest increase for the entire year. But those January new members growth is not repeated any other month of the year.

Although sales are always important, retention becomes the profit maker after the new members have. joined.

Health clubs and gyms come up with innovative ways to keep their members interested. From classes and workshops to moving members from occasionally exercising to working with a trainer.

Think about your present customer. They have already shown you a lot of things that make them your perfect customer. They have shown that they have an interest in your product or service. They have actually used your product or service. You may have already paid for them by using advertising or the costs of acquiring a new customer. Those are a lot of drilling down from just anyone to someone who could be a good match for repeat sales.

Some of the most successful companies are already using subscription service successfully. Netflix charges $7.99/month while Amazon charges $119/year. People are already used to subscription pricing. What can you do to offer an ongoing membership? Offer a plan that benefits the customer. Netflix makes income on your monthly subscription fee while Amazons yearly membership allows you to purchase throughout the year with free shipping. You may use one of these strategies that works best for you. They key is to build repeat sales and keep you in front of mind in your customer.

What’s a subscription that you can offer to your customer that will be a benefit to them while creating an income stream that keeps your customer coming back?