What's your Recipe?

When watching makeover TV shows like Bar Rescue there is a common theme. The owners are at odds, disengaged and the staff is poorly trained and there is chaos.

When the host Jon Taffer comes in, he and his assistants work on training the staff to make the drinks perfect along with getting the kitchen cleaned up, having a workable menu that can easily be repeated.

Have you been to a restaurant and enjoyed a great meal, then the next time at the same restaurant, the meal is different? You were then let down as you didn’t get what you expected.

This could be if the cooks are left to do there own thing.

The situation is customers love consistency.

The way that great chef makes her meal be able to be repeatable is using a recipe. It allows another cook to replicate the same meal and once again satisfying the customer.

A great way to make your business different then your competition who may be leaving everything to chance is to have clear, written “recipes” of how to perform in a consistent manner. I think of Marriott or even Dunkin’ Donuts where I can go to any location and get the same consistent experience.

When you measure what the perfect experience you delivered to your customer, break it down into repeatable steps. When you have a written plan it makes it easier for your staff as well as allowing your customer to enjoy that experience and want to repeat it for the next visit.

What’s your recipe?