The power of a handwritten note

Recently we went to a restaurant we found on Open Table. We had visited New Hope, Pa & Lambertville, NJ many times. It’s located on either side of the Delaware River, on the Pennsylvania and New Jersey border. We like trying different places to try something new.

We were impressed the moment we walked in. The restaurants appearance was very nice and we were greeted quickly and our hostess was friendly and we had a nice table. Our waiter, Scott was very polite and attentive. At the end of the meal, when presetting the check, Scott asked if we would mind filling out a comment card?

We filled out the comment card. It’s always a good idea to let the management/owners know how your experience was.

About a week later, we received a post card not from the restaurant or some generic email survey, but from our waiter Scott himself. Of course Scott was representing the restaurant but being from the actual waiter meant so much more.

Too many times, businesses are busy spending a lot of time and money going after that new customer, while forgetting about their existing customer. You see, we had already made a decision to try the restaurant, we were a customer by dining there and now because of this genuine hand written post card after the meal will get us not only to go back again as a repeat customer, but also share this story about our great experience at The Lambertville Station Restaurant & Inn.

You could invest in creating a system of reaching out to existing customers in a creative and personal way to stand out form your competitors.

The next time you are on the NJ/Pennsylvania border consider dining at The Lambertville Station Restaurant & Inn. A great meal, great service and a nice personal follow up too.