How to make your next networking event effective.

The goal of networking is getting to know people, not necessarily getting something.

How many times have you gone to another networking event and come up empty?

It’s important to have a specific plan before you next networking event. What is your goal?

Before the actual event, find out who else is attending? Often there may be a list of people who have registered in advance or marked themselves as “going”.

The goal of networking is to get to know people.

The goal of networking is to get to know people.

Research the people attending in advance. You can often find out a lot by looking at their LinkedIn profile, social media, like Facebook as well as doing a google search with their name. Dig deeper to find out about the company they work for and any articles they have written or viewpoints in their posts. You can even see their photo to make it easier to spot them at the event.

By doing your homework in advance, you’ll be able to meet someone with talking about things that relate to them. When you see them at the event, you can introduce yourself to them and have some good starter conversation instead of the normal “Who are you, what do you do?” that you hear at most events. You’ll stand out and be remembered. That’s a better outcome.