How Millennials can partner with retirees for success.

Innovation has created some amazing products, businesses and improvements. Think life before Facebook, iPhones or the Ring doorbell.

Texting used to be sms messages sent over cellular. Now there’s WhatsApp, Apple iMessage and a series of other apps that make it difficult to know the true number or texts sent & received.

Apple says people send as many as 2000.000 iMessages per second.

The problem Start Ups face are they often have one idea and not a lot of knowledge or experience of how to bring it to market and sustain the business and fizzle out before they get going.

Enter the retiree.

Many people and companies use outside consultants to help with a specific strategy or project. These consultants (often retirees) have the knowledge, education and experience to help avoid common pitfalls and mistakes and often help to accelerate the business to a level it may never have reached.

Don’t dismiss a retiree as old school or stale when the real life experience may prove to be invaluable.

People who are great at sales and attracting new customers may not be as successful at maintaining the organization once it’s started.

Consider real life case of an HMO. The people who marketed and sold new members to join the new HMO weren’t really good at maintaining all that goes into running an HMO. The HMO’s Financials suffered and they soon got themselves in trouble with the SEC, Securities and Exchange Commission.

When they hired an experienced, retired HMO executive to lead their organization’s management they were only then able to become a successful HMO. Without the experience of the retired HMO executive to get their financials in shape, they would have gone out of business and possibly incurred criminal charges.

The ket in to partner with someone who compliments your weaknesses. You may be a great idea person, but the experienced retiree may be your ticket to ongoing success

Perhaps considering the innovation of the new idea, matched with the experience that a retiree offers will help accelerate the business to sustainability and growth.