“Don’t make exceptions”

I love the Marriott. Whenever we are traveling somewhere new, we know what to expect when we stay at the Marriott.

On a recent stay st the Marriott Surf Club in Aruba our lamp was broken. We called down to the front desk and a maintenance man came up to replace the lamp. While we were talking with him, he mentioned that Marriott has trained him “not to make exceptions” if a guests asks for something out of the ordinary. At first you might think that isn’t too customer friendly but actually it is. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, we like the Martiott because we know what to expect. When a company is first starting out and doesn’t have a reputation and s standard, they are learning what makes them different. But the Martiott is the worlds largest hotel company and if every time a customer went to a Marriott they had inconsistent experiences, the value of choosing “The Martiott” would be deminished.

When you have s working differentiator it’s important to have consistent experiences. This comes with training and management do ing what the employees and customers know what is expected.

So when a Martiott employee mentions that the is trained “don’t make exceptions” that may be what keeps their brand having value to their customers.