Goal Setting

Why do some people and organizations achieve more than others?

Setting a vision and having a clear, specific goal always sets you up for better results. So how do you identify the specific goal?

Think backwards.

What is the picture of what achieving the goal looks like to you?

Think about the end result first. Then start putting the pieces of what has to happen before you achieve that one part of the bigger goal.

Let’s say you want to archive a 10% sales increase. What are some of the ways you can build to get that goal? Perhaps you know that for every 10 outgoing sales calls you make, you set 3 appointments. You there know that making 2 additional sales calls per day for a 5 day work week means a total of 10 additional calls or 2 additional appointments set.

What if you know that calling your existing clients with a thank you call nets you one additional purchase for every ten calls? If you make 2 additional calls per day for the same 5 day work week, nets you one additional purchase.

You can see how once you break down the parts of your goals into small achievable pieces, you can achieve the bigger goal.

The important thing is writing down your goal, along with each piece you need to get there. Before each day, plan how you’re going to get there. After each day, see how you did in accomplishing your bigger goal.

If you didn’t achieve today’s goal take a moment today to plan how to reach tomorrow’s goal.