The World's Shortest Survey.

Sometimes businesses send you an online survey asking you for ten or fifteen minutes of your time.

Pages and pages of questions with multiple choices and normally nothing that resonates with the customer. Neither the customer or the company benefit.

Whew! That’s a big ask and offers the customer nothing in return.

There is a way to get valuable information without asking too much from your customer.

One question. That’s it.

Here it is:

“You’re one of my best customers. Can I ask you one or two reasons you do business with us?”

Instead of having your customer fill in questions why you “think” they do business with you, why not instead make it an open ended question? You’'ll get answers that you may not have even thought of.

By getting one or two reasons from your customer, you can start to build a profile of what your next customer probably wants too. The more customers you reach out to, the better your specific reasons of why your customers do business with you will be better defined. You can use this specific reasons in all your marketing for future prospects.

Plus, your customer will love that you started by thanking them along with a question that will help you serve them better.

Do away with the long imposing surveys that your customer gets so often it’s like spam and replace it with “The World’s Shortest Survey” (plus when using this as your subject line on your email, you’ll more likely get someone to open it, read it and respond.)

To make it easier, there are plenty of On Line survey websites. You may want to look into Surveymonkey.