Help vs Sell

No-one really wants someone to “Sell” them anything.

It’s. big reason why people fail. They may have a great product or service, but don’t have the confidence or think they are “Selling” something that the other person doesn’t want or need.

We hear bad slogans like “Always be Closing” or other cliches that simply are wrong and don’t work. Think of the perception of a car salesperson who is out to trick you and get your money.

You can change everything by learning to switch the word “SELL” with another word “HELP”.

Don’t most people want to help someone else? If you believe you are helping people you’ll start thinking differently. Instead of dreading your next interaction, you’ll welcome it and look for more opportunities to help more people.

You’ll be more eager to look for better ways top know your product better so you can better help someone. In my business I truly believe that when someone was inquiring, I was helping them by providing the best match to the service they need. I love helping people.

If you deal with incoming phone inquiries, and a prospect asks you your price or rate, simply respond with “I can help”, then have a conversation why they will benefit from closing you. Ask questions to better know what it is they are looking for, then how you can help them. Never put down or disparage a competitor, instead, align yourself with meeting and exceeding the needs of the person inquiring.

Get ready for your next inquiry and you can help someone.