80% of people don't have their dream job.

Recent studies have shown that 80% of people don’t have their dream job.

Are you in that 80% or the smaller 20%?

It starts with your idea of your dream job. What is it that would make “a dream”?

Use your imagination. You can make your job whatever you wanted. Would it be income that mattered? Location to where you live or wanted to live? Would it be an environment that challenged you to do something meaningful every day? Would it be helping people?

Each of us are different and there is no wrong answer. But like many things in life it starts with knowing what you value and what your goals are.

A good exercise to accomplish a change of thinking and action is to write down your dream job. What is the big picture? Then start drilling sown on how to get there. Enter your goals on a calendar. Don’t be too aggressive in your goals. Your goal is to have “a win” in getting there. The small accomplishments along the way can help motivate you to the next bigger goal.

Imagine yourself as one of that 20% of people in their dream job. What would that mean to you?

I always like the idea of writing it down. It’s been said if it isn’t written, it isn’t real. There’s a reason many ideas come and go. They are a passing thought and without writing it down, reading it and rereading it, it passes. It’s probably the reason that 80% number is so high.

To move to the smaller group you need to take some action to get there. It will take time to get there, but wouldn’t it be wonderful to consider yourself as one of the fortunate few that have your dream job?

Perception becomes reality. You can do this it just takes some action to start.